Driving Value

We assist entrepreneur managers of promising companies to build and to sustain a significant leadership position in their industry. Milost’s partners, investors, advisors and associates have the depth of professional expertise and experience necessary to identify, nurture and drive select small, medium- to large-size companies around the globe. Milost is uniquely placed, with its experience and investors’ networks, to help innovative growth companies realize their full potential.

Operational Discipline

As your company grows you need operational processes in place to withstand growth, including regular financial and operating reporting, and enhanced management information systems. Milost helps you have confidence in your systems and management so that you have more time to focus on profitable growth.


Do you want to reach leading experts in your business to get their opinion? Milost has a global network of business contacts in a wide range of sectors who will share their business and industry insights and their networks.


Milost invests its own capital alongside yours in order to accelerate your company’s growth. We also invest our time and intellectual capital derived from years of experience.


Do you know who your customers are? Why do they buy your products? What are your most profitable products? Who else could be your potential customers and how can you reach them? How much should you spend on marketing? Milost helps you understand your markets so that sales efforts are most efficient.


We take an active role on the Board of Directors and conduct operating reviews with management on a regular basis. We are committed to making substantial contributions to the success of our investments. We invest both intellectual and financial capital into our portfolio companies.


How many people should run the business? Are the tasks properly delegated? Are the managers motivated to stay on for the medium to long-term? What type of professionals should you hire for top and middle-management, as the company grows? We know how to get the best out of people.


Do you want to acquire competing or complementary companies but are limited by transactional experience? Milost’s professionals have collectively bought and sold well over a hundred companies and have first-hand experience in helping you pick the right targets, as well as execute the transaction.