We provide equity finance to privately owned companies through a range of transaction types, including MBOs, MBIs, LBOs, equity release, expansion capital and public-to-private deals.


If you want to realise your investment in your company there are a number of ways we can help you.

We can work with your existing management team to facilitate a management buy-out or act as a financial buyer of the company or introduce new management to undertake a management buy-in.

Alternatively we can help you achieve a partial realisation of your shareholding via an equity release transaction. This would allow you to retain a shareholding together with a management role in the business going forward if appropriate.


We work with a wide range of intermediaries including investment banks, accountancy firms, corporate finance boutiques and M&A brokers. We recognise that you, as a financial intermediary, play a key role in the transaction process and we are keen to develop a mutually rewarding relationship with you.

Ways We Can Work Together

If you are advising a client looking to raise private equity we are keen to be considered as a potential investor.

If you are advising the vendor of a company we can:

  • Act as a financial buyer.
  • Work with the incumbent management team to put together a buy-out.
  • Find an external management team and finance a buy-in.
  • Support one of our portfolio companies to acquire the business as a trade buyer.
  • Work with the owners to structure an equity release deal, allowing them to realise part of their shareholding while maintaining an ongoing equity stake, together with a management role if appropriate.

If you have identified a deal opportunity, but are not acting in a formal advisory role, you can bring the deal to us and we will pay you a success based fee for originating the transaction.

Why should you choose to work with us?

We are well known for our straightforward approach. We like to establish as quickly as possible whether a deal is feasible and, if so, on what basis. We have a reputation for delivering on our outline offers.

If you would like further information on how we work with intermediaries and our investment approach or if you have an opportunity that you would like to discuss with us, please contact your local Milost office by email or telephone.