Dr Yin Fah Kam

Dr. Kam is a Partner & Managing Director of Bioscience at Milost Global Inc. He is a serial technopreneur and has an uncanny way of converting Science into successful businesses and is an accomplished Applications Scientist with more than 30 years of professional experience in “humanizing” science and technology in many areas dealing in human health, high-value foods and the environment. In a remarkable career that spanned applied sciences in both commercial sectors and laboratories, he worked on leading platform technologies and methodology science-based initiatives in foods (including nutraceuticals and functional foods); environmental (including agro-based solutions); accredited testing programs, clinical toxicology and public health. He has led and applied scientific methodology to Traditional Chinese Medicine; complex molecule extraction techniques (e.g., utilizing Super Critical Carbon Dioxide extraction and Polymer Affinity extraction techniques); and helped launch new functional foods and nutraceutical products in the process. With practitioners’ experiences in various botanical and natural products, these are basic knowledge for commercial applications of “bio-refinery” products.

Dr. Kam has an extensive network of respected colleagues in the professional fraternity of biotechnology; nutraceuticals; functional & health foods; phyto-pharmaceuticals; medical sciences; sustainable environmental and alternative energy technologies and is well-known to regional senior government officers and business leaders.

Dr. Kam was invited by AsureQuality New Zealand Ltd (www.asurequality.com), to be the director for both AsureQuality Singapore Pte Ltd and AsureQuality Advisory Singapore Pte Ltd. Both of these organizations are 100% owned by the New Zealand Government. They provide world-class Food Safety & Bio-Security services and comprehensive consultancy, respectively to the food and primary food production sectors.

In 2015, the leading pharmaceutical company in Malaysia, Hovid Berhad (www.hovid.com) invited Dr. Kam to be their independent director of its wholly-owned subsidiary in Singapore. Since its formation in July 2015, Dr Kam has managed to "stitch" its first R&D program in Singapore (please see link below). (Hovid and NNI Collaborate To Research Palm Tocotrienols and its Neuroprotective Effects in Parkinson Disease - http://www.nni.com.sg/about-us/newsroom/news-releases/2015/Pages/NNI-Hovid-Tocotrienols-PD.aspx.)

In concurrent capacity, Dr.Kam has been appointed as an Advisor to a number of regional governmental agencies. Working together with appointed and main consultants, he has been tasked to conduct major studies and develop strategic business and implementation plans to accelerate economic transformation in selected natural resource and agro-based industries by utilizing high value-added transformational technologies. These studies come under the jurisdiction of organizations such as :-

  • East Coast Economic Region Development Council (www.ecerdc.com.my)
  • Northern Corridor Implementation Authority (www.ncer.com.my)

On 9 May 2014, it was announced in the ASX that Xeraya CapitalSdn Bhd (Life Science arm of Malaysian Khazanah Nasional) has signed an investment agreement with PrIME Biologics Pte Ltd (subsidiary of NuSep Holdings). Dr Kam was instrumental in bringing this S$15 million investment. NuSep has a growing reputation for its innovative yet simple biological separation techniques based on its “PrlME” technology. The PrIME technology has produced a number of world firsts; proteins from human plasma and the world's first IVF sperm separation device using membrane electrophoresis.

Over 2012/2013, Dr Kam raised A$2 million funds for an Australian, NuSep Holdings Pty (ASX: NSP) is a publicly listed life sciences company that sells bio-separation products into the global markets.(www.nusep.com). NuSep owns the proprietary “PrIME” technology.

Due to a wide-ranging of technopreneurial experiences, Dr Kam was earlier invited to be an Independent Director of a Zero-Waste Engineering company called Chemilink Technologies Group Pte Ltd (www.chemilink.com). For over 20 years, CTG had developed unique, proprietary and innovative solutions of in-situ stabilization techniques for the construction of environmentally-friendly and sustainable infrastructure. In addition to the usual fiduciary duties as an ID, he has been able to network and provided leadership in linking the scientific fraternity in Singapore to CTG.

By providing leadership, CTG was recognized as a leading technology company and was awarded with a number of R&D grants from the Singapore Government. More specifically tied with his personal involvement, Dr Kam was the named co-Principal Investigator in the S$2.8 million R&D Grant awarded in 2010 by Singapore’s National Environment Agency http://app2.nea.gov.sg/index.aspx. This proposal was awarded by collaborating with Singapore leading Environmental & Water Research Institute, NEWRI (http://www.chemilink.com/index.php/research-a-development/rad-projects).

At the end of 2004 Dr. Kam was head-hunted and joined the US-based HerbalScience in its major center being set up then in Singapore (www.herbalsciencegroup.com). HerbalScience owns proprietary botanical extraction and characterization platform technologies that enabled dose reliable botanical extracts (a first in the world). The company’s extracts are used to create ingredients used in functional foods, beverages, herbal supplements, nutraceuticals, and cosmoceutical products. The “pure” complex molecules extracted from botanicals are also targeted for the future of “botanical drugs” with supporting clinical studies intended for medical uses. As the President of HerbalScience Singapore, Dr. Kam led the efforts in creating and commercializing dose-specific, consistent and reliable medicines from herbal and botanical sources. He left HerbalScience in October 2010 as the Company now operates from their US office.

In the tenure at HerbalScience, Dr Kam was a member of the management team that secured two successful rounds of fund-raising for the HerbalScience Group :

  1. Raised S$15 million from a group of 30 savy individual and institutional Asian investors from Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan in 2005.
  2. Raised US$28 million from Aisling Capital (www.aislingcapital.com) and Weston Presidio (http://www.westonpresidio.com/) in 2007. These are leading Investment Capital in life sciences and Growth Capital funds from USA, respectively.

Dr Kam’s strong track record of conducting “cross technology” initiatives led to his appointment in 2000 as Chief Technology Officer at the SGX-listed TCM company, Eu Yan Sang International Ltd (www.euyansang.com), where he brought Western scientific methods to this iconic Traditional Chinese Medicines company. He left the company in 2004, and provided implementation for consistent production protocols in significant new products, especially major contributions to expanding new quality & branded edible bird’s nest sector.

Dr Kam’s personal initiatives included the introduction of transformational technologies below :-

  • N-Viro technology from the US to convert fly-ash from incinerators for topsoil utilization. That series of projects was done together with BetterGrow Australia Pty Ltd (www.bettergrow.com.au) / BioRecycle Pty Ltd, one of Australian leading environmental liquid waste management companies.
  • Guinard technology from France for the recovery of oily waste and oil-based ballast waters. As a consequent, NatSteel Guinard Oil Services Pte Ltd was incorporated on 24 February 1997 as an oily sludge and slop treatment company. On 18 February 2005, it changed its company name to NSL OilChem Services Pte Ltd. Over the years, the latter expanded its business and became the leading integrated waste management company. (www.nsloilchem.com.sg)
  • Zenon Membrane technology that is now the key support for Singapore’s potable water programs (under Hyflux); clinical toxicology screening of biological specimens for all industrial workers; and many other company confidential projects in the environmental, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals sectors. For reference, Zenon was acquired in 1997 and became part of GE Water & Process Technologies, www.ge.com

For the first 20 years of his professional career, Dr Kam was heading the laboratory businesses, and was a key director in building his family-owned private laboratory group - Pathlab (www.mypathlab.com) and Chemlab (www.chemlab.com.my). This Group provides laboratory testing services in the medical, environmental, food, industrial and consumer product areas. Pathlab is one of the largest such group in the medical sector in Malaysia. During this period, he was also leading technical teams in commissioning works of power plants, sewerage works and incineration facilities.

Dr. Kam holds both a B.Sc. (First Class Honors) and a Ph.D. in Polymer Science and Technology from the North London University. He is an Associate Member of the Malaysian Institute of Chemistry, and for over 20 years a Member and Chartered Chemist of the Royal Society of Chemistry (UK), and a Member of the American Association of Clinical Chemistry (USA), while he was required for laboratory certification until 2004. He was also a Committee Member of Laboratory Accreditation Council of Singapore for over 20 years.