Egerton A. R. Forster

Egerton is the Chairman of Milost Global Inc. He is responsible for the overall group strategy and oversees the implementation thereof. With more than twenty years of management experience, including human resources management and operations, training and development.

A leader with proven ability to effectively analyze markets and situations, research options, makes firm decisions and secure contracts. Applies an active rather than reactive management style which focuses on business growth and retention.

With good political relations both in the US and in Africa, Egerton has worked with governments at very senior level in Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and the Republic of Guinea. Forster is a highly sought after political consultant from the local to federal levels in the United States and sits on various commissions and advisory boards.

Among his notable assignments, Mr. Forster was a consultant for the Pacific Pipeline Systems, Inc., a partnership made up of Texaco, Chevron, and Southern Pacific Railroad, to generate government and community broad based support of their proposed project designed to transport crude oil through Southern California via a state-of-the-art pipeline system.

Prior to joining Milost, Forster was the founding partner of Forster Company – a project and construction management firm. Forster successfully managed over two billion dollars of construction projects. Egerton holds two degrees in accounting and computer information systems. Egerton is also a former heavy weight boxer who participated in the XXIII Olympic Games held in 1984 at Los Angeles, CA.