Harold Wrobeh

Harold is the Managing Director of Financial Services at Milost Global Inc. He is responsible for global acquisitions, investments, developments and management of the Financial Services portfolio. He is a seasoned Management, Investment and Policy expert with over 20 years in the financial industry.

Mr. Wrobeh has represented global financial corporations: MassMutual Financial Group, Great American Financial Group, RLI Insurance, a financial risk management company. He has also represented an elected State Assembly member as a Policy Consultant. At Forster Company, he handled a multitude of housing and development projects. He regularly worked with a vast array of people of different professional, educational and racial background – professionals, external consultants, external vendors, public officials etc.

A graduate of the University of Southern California (USC), Mr. Wrobeh holds a Master’s in Public Administration from the Price School of Policy. He holds another Master’s in Institutional Leadership from Pepperdine School of Education and Psychology. He earned his Bachelor’s from Pepperdine School of Business.

Mr. Wrobeh is bi-lingual. He is fluent in French