Mandla J Gwadiso

MJ is the Founder, Managing Partner & CEO of Milost Global Inc. He is responsible for leading the development and execution of the Firm's long term strategy with a view to creating shareholder value and he also acts as a direct liaison between the Board and management of the Firm and communicates to the Board on behalf of management.

MJ is also the Founder & Chairman of Palewater Global Management Inc, a New York based conglomerate with a very diverse portfolio of activities. He is an entrepreneur, investor, financial engineer and philanthropist with years of experience in both equity and debt capital markets, predominantly in M&As. He has led over 35 investments over the years, including cross-border transactions and IPOs in the US, Germany, Australia and Hong Kong.

MJ has previously worked for major financial institutions both in New York and Mainland China for over a decade, where he acquired vast experience, on the edge skill-sets in deal origination, deal structuring, deal execution and is a reclusive rainmaker of note to his close circles. He started his banking career with a Wall Street Hedge Fund where he spent 4 years, before joining a financial services firm that went bankrupt 18 months later. MJ joined Sichuan Hanlong Group, as an independent consultant and he reported directly to the Group founder and Chair. He became the lead advisor for Hanlong’s African growth plans.

From March 2013 to November 2015, MJ was President & CEO of Sigur Capital Inc, a New York based investment banking firm. In November 2015 after resigning from Sigur Capital, MJ founded Milost Advisors Inc, an investment banking firm that led to the formation of Milost Global Inc, a Private Equity firm that is headquartered in New York. As Chairman and CEO of Milost Advisors Inc, he led the team that raised $17 billion of the total of $25 billion for the MESA Fund1. In September 2016 MJ resigned as the CEO of Milost Advisors Inc and was succeeded by Jerry Choate. Milost Advisors Inc has since been dissolved and the investment banking operations shut down.

While at Milost Advisors Inc, and on behalf of Milost Global Inc, MJ created and designed a financing instrument that is being used by publicly quoted companies all around the world. As a well astute value investor, MJ studied all the financing instruments being used by the investment community to fund publicly quoted companies and realized that most of these instruments are very toxic and therefore detrimental to the growth of the companies in which the same are being used, predominantly in the US, since the market is over-saturated by instruments that continue to cripple lots of companies. Then, born was the Milost Equity Subscription Agreement (MESA), a combo of equity and debt, an instrument which MJ created and designed to be the catalyst of value investing in capital markets which is currently aiding a lot of companies all around the world in their quest to grow inorganically. Public companies are finding the MESA as the most effective and yet affordable financing instrument which allows managers the freedom to focus on their day to day operations knowing that they have a cornerstone investor that will stay on for at least 7 years without shorting the stock and yet providing both working and growth capital at a very attractive premium to market over the term. To this day, Milost Global Inc continues to use the MESA among its financing instruments.

MJ is currently creating a new refinancing instrument, which will serve the over leveraged companies and the same will be used by both public and privately held companies across the globe. The new instrument (the "Mevisa") will be in the market from the beginning of March 2018 and will help to take out current and long-term debt without conversion, therefore at zero percent dilution to shareholders and without negatively impacting the bottom line and at the same time freeing up all the assets while ensuring profitability.