Manuel López-LLamozas is a Partner & Managing Director of Inter-American Advisor, Inc. He also serves as a non-executive director of Banco de la Gente (Bangete) in Venezuela. Before that he served as a representative of Mercantil Valores Agente Valores S.A, a broker dealer house in Uruguay. Prior to that he served as the President and controlling shareholder of Mercapital Servicios Financieros in Venezuela. Among others, López-LLamozas, worked for East River Asset Management in New York. He also served as an advisor to the ministrer of Department of Finance in Venezuela, and at Inter-American Investment corporation he was a senior regional officer inWashington D.C. He served as a Partner at Corporación Interamericana de Finanzas (CIAF), a  manager of Syndication at Banco Mercantil, S.A.C.A., an Investment Banker at Salomon Brothers in New York, an Investment Banker at  Citibank, N.A., Caracas, Venezuela and he also worked for the Central Bank of Venezuela (Banco Central de Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela where he designed the International Investment Strategy for $12 billion foreign reserves.

Throughout his career he has worked in international banking, primarily in the sectors of multilateral, commercial, investment banking, central microfinance banking, and venture capital, specializing in Latin America’s developing countries. He has had the opportunity to work with Agro-industrial Companies, Private and Public Banking Institutions, Energy Companies, Venture Capital Funds, Governments and Government Institutions, Congress, Pharmaceutical Companies, Hospitals, and diverse Industrial Sector Companies. His fortes include: structuring, analyzing and initiating operations in areas such as Project Financing and Venture Capital, Mergers, Acquisitions, Turn-around of troubled companies and projects, and advising (governments, public entities and private companies) in asset and liability management. Throughout the years he has learnt that the lack of a sound risk assessment is what produces success or failure of a project.