Mr. Madhav Rao Mankal

Mr. Madhav Rao Mankal is a Senior Partner & CFO of Milost Global Inc. He has experience of over 30 years as senior executive management holding positions of Board Member, CFO and controller positions. Experience includes international, cross industry both manufacturing and service industry. He has served as Director and CFO of Force Protection during acquisition to developed stage company in 1999 to 2004, which was later acquired by General Dynamics.

He served as independent Director on the board of Cavico Corporation during 2007 to 2010. Also served as Director and CFO for Medina International Holdings, Inc. since 2004, which became Medical innovation Holdings, Inc. through Reverse Merger in 2016. Presently Director and founder of Harbor Guard Boats, Inc. which specializes in Fire and Rescue Boats. He was also CFO of Tec CTL Inc.

His experience includes work experience in Asia, Africa and United States. He is certified Chartered Accountant (India), Cost Accountant (India) and Certified Management Accountant (USA).