Milost Announces the Formation of Isilo and the Appointment of the CEO

NEW YORK, Nov. 02, 2017 -- Milost Global Inc, an American Private Equity firm that is headquartered in New York, is pleased to announce the successful formation of Isilo Capital Partners (Pty) Ltd (“ICP”) in South Africa and the appointment of Tiny Diswai as the Chief Executive Officer. ICP is a fund management company that is owned and managed by Milost Global Inc. ICP will act as a fund manager to Isilo Fund 1. Milost is also pleased to announce that Isilo Fund 1 will seek to raise a total of $5 billion. The Fund will strictly invest in Africa with ticket sizes from $1 million to $10 million per transaction. ICP will begin its fundraising from November 20, 2017. The Fund seeks to raise 30% of the capital in Africa, 30% in Europe, 30% in Asia and 10% in UAE.

Milost is also pleased to announce the appointment of Tiny Diswai as the Chief Executive Officer of ICP. Tiny is a Co-chairwoman of Milost Global Africa (Pty) Ltd, she holds a bachelor of commerce degree and a Masters’ degree in business Administration. She is a certified Public Private Partnerships Specialist. Ms Diswai has well-rounded experience in the business world ranging from financial management, project implementation and management, procurement, internal audit, general management, lease financing, corporate finance, deal structuring and marketing. She has advised various Government ministries in implementing their privatisation and outsourcing initiatives as well as monitoring the performance of state owned enterprises and advising on corporate governance issues.

Ms Diswai has previously been Business Services Manager for Debswana Orapa and Letlhakane Mines and was responsible for the management and implementation of the Debswana Orapa Privatization and Outsourcing Project. She was responsible for identifying non-core operations that could be outsourced and managed the resultant outsourcing process from development of the business plan to final implementation, paying due regard at all times to the company’s obligations and privileges (legal, contractual and otherwise). She Coordinated the operational activities of the business services section (which includes catering, guest accommodation, cleaning services, recreational clubs, aircraft and logistics services, retail services, mine secretariat and administration) by determining and managing the key performance areas.

She has served as the Country Business Manager for IDM Botswana and was responsible for the overall management of the Botswana Campus as well as its strategic implementation. She led the team that ensured that IDM Botswana became ISO 90001 certified. She was the key liaison between IDM and the government of Botswana as a shareholder. She was responsible for the marketing of the institution’s products and services and its overall running.

Tiny was involved in the implementation of the Kingdom Group of companies. Was part of the team that co-ordinated the application and subsequent granting of a merchant banking license for Kingdom Bank Africa Limited. She later set up Kingdom Finance, a subsidiary of Kingdom Bank Africa Limited.

She was the International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) project coordinator and in that capacity she pioneered the feasibility study for the establishment of the centre, the drafting and promulgation of the enabling legislation, the establishment of the centre and the marketing and certification of the first eleven companies to be certified under the IFSC fiscal regime. She was involved in the divestment of a number of BDC investments such as Stockbrokers Botswana, Francistown Milling, Botswana Tyre Corporation and Bothakga.

She was also involved in the facilitation of the structuring, placement, issuance and listing of the BDC Bond (The first ever-corporate bond to be issued and listed in the Botswana money and capital markets) as well as the BDC investment in Investec Bank, Metropolitan Life and BECI.

She has procurement experience gained while managing the Tenders and Contracts Unit of Botswana Railways and has worked for the government Central Tender Board as well. She has exposure to internal audit work gained while working for the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning’s Internal Audit Department. Egerton Forster, Co-founder & Chairman of Milost Global Inc, stated, “ Milost is excited to create ISILO Fund 1 that will have a seismic impact on the African economy.” “It’s significant to note the incredible opportunity our fund will afford many underserved countries in Africa to help combat inequalities in wealth.” “Our goal, at Milost, is to be a sufficient resource, not just a source.” “Global progress, without equity, is global injustice.” “The definition of Milost is mercy, and our objective is to use Fund 1 to enhance the quality of life for those who have been overlooked.”

Tiny Diswai, the CEO of Isilo Capital Partners (Pty) Ltd, also stated, “We are excited by this new fund. We believe that this fund will assist in growing and plucking the funding gap in Africa. Africa is vibrant and there are a lot of growth opportunities that need funding such as the Isilo Fund will provide. Wr will be sharing our investment strategy and exploring these growth opportunities. We will be offering through Isilo Capital Partners (ICP) creative financing and value creation through our mezzanine financing alternatives to a number if industries across Africa.”

Mandla J. Gwadiso, Managing Partner & CEO of Milost Global Inc, had this to say, “I have known Tiny for ten years now and worked with her for at least three of those. She is of the many black women in Africa that have had to battle with gender disparities in the Board and elsewhere and yet came out wiser and stronger. I am excited to for the opportunity to work with her again. Isilo Fund 1 will open doors for all African businesses that have a compelling story, our goal at Milost is to leave no one out, but to fund businesses that will help to help communities by creating solutions to persisting problems and equal distribution of opportunities and wealth.

About Isilo Capital partners (Pty) Ltd

ICP is a South African based Private Equity Firm whose focus is entirely on the African market. ICP seeks to invest in smaller sized companies across Africa, with a minimum investment of $1 million and cap of $10 million.

Source: Econopost