Optimum Inks a Multimillion Dollar Financing Term Sheet With Milost

NIGERIA, Lagos, Nov. 07, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Optimum Petroleum Development Ltd, a Nigerian based exploration, development and production company, announced today that it has signed a financing term sheet of USD$850 million with Milost Global Inc, a New York based Private Equity Firm. This is a working capital and development facility for the company which is being provided as a combo of Debt and Equity, of which $700 million will be an equity facility and $150 million will be debt facility. Both the company and the investor are expected to sign a commitment letter by November 8th 2017.

The Chief Executive Officer of Optimum Petroleum Development Ltd, Engr. Yusuf K. J. N’jie, stated “Optimum Petroleum Development Company is re-asserting itself by directly raising capital for rapid appraisal/developmental drilling and early production of our OGO field. De-risking of our OGO field and other structures on our asset through appraisal and exploration drilling remains the clearest path of unlocking the said value of our asset. We are very glad to be in partnership with Milost Global Inc, who will be giving us the necessary funds that will make us quickly achieve these goals and also expand our asset portfolio.”

Milost Announces the Formation of Isilo and the Appointment of the CEO

NEW YORK, Nov. 02, 2017 -- Milost Global Inc, an American Private Equity firm that is headquartered in New York, is pleased to announce the successful formation of Isilo Capital Partners (Pty) Ltd (“ICP”) in South Africa and the appointment of Tiny Diswai as the Chief Executive Officer. ICP is a fund management company that is owned and managed by Milost Global Inc. ICP will act as a fund manager to Isilo Fund 1. Milost is also pleased to announce that Isilo Fund 1 will seek to raise a total of $5 billion. The Fund will strictly invest in Africa with ticket sizes from $1 million to $10 million per transaction. ICP will begin its fundraising from November 20, 2017. The Fund seeks to raise 30% of the capital in Africa, 30% in Europe, 30% in Asia and 10% in UAE.

Milost is also pleased to announce the appointment of Tiny Diswai as the Chief Executive Officer of ICP. Tiny is a Co-chairwoman of Milost Global Africa (Pty) Ltd, she holds a bachelor of commerce degree and a Masters’ degree in business Administration. She is a certified Public Private Partnerships Specialist. Ms Diswai has well-rounded experience in the business world ranging from financial management, project implementation and management, procurement, internal audit, general management, lease financing, corporate finance, deal structuring and marketing. She has advised various Government ministries in implementing their privatisation and outsourcing initiatives as well as monitoring the performance of state owned enterprises and advising on corporate governance issues.

Milost Global Opens A London Office

NEW YORK, Oct. 30, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Milost Global Inc, an American Private Equity firm that is headquartered in New York, is pleased to announce the opening of a London office, which will serve the United Kingdom market. For the next 2 months, the office will focus on hiring professionals and full operations will start on February 1, 2017.

The new office is centrally located in the City at Level 30, The Leadenhall Building, 122 Leadenhall Street, City of London, EC3V 4AB, United Kingdom. Business at the office will be conducted through a new UK-based subsidiary, Milost Global UK, Ltd. Milost will be welcoming applications of employment as of October 31st, closing on November 30. Applications can be sent to ukcareers@milostglobal.com. Jobs available are from investment analyst, Investment Associates, VPs, MDs and HR, Legal, IT, accounts and administrative.

About Milost Global Inc

Milost Global Inc is an American Private Equity firm that is headquartered in New York City, with more than $25 billion in committed capital. Milost is at the intersection of creative investing and value creation. Milost is also a provider of alternative capital, mezzanine finance, and alternative lending to a broad range of industries across the globe including Technology, Transport, Cannabis, Education, Distribution, Mining, Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, Alternative Energy and Infrastructure Development. www.milostglobal.com

Source: Nasdaq GlobeNewswire

Capital Bank and Soyombo Insurance Announce a Milost Financing

ULAANBAATAR, Mongolia, Oct. 26, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Capital Bank of Mongolia Ltd and Soyombo Insurance Ltd, their sister company, are pleased to announce that they have executed a $255 million financing term sheet with Milost Global Inc (the "Investor"). The financing is expected to be comprised of $55 million in equity capital and $200 million in debt. Milost Global Inc (the “investor”). Through this transaction, Capital Bank, Soyombo Insurance, Capital Brokerage and Capital Asset Management have agreed that they will be controlled by Milost Bank Corporation, whereas Milost Bank Corporation will acquire a controlling interest in all four companies. Milost Bank Corporation, through its African subsidiary Milost Bank Africa Limited is also conducting a due diligence of a Nigeria bank that has over 250 branch operations, with a purpose of acquiring full control.