Femab Properties Limited

Femab Properties Limited

Real Estate Consultancy and Development including Civil Engineering Construction, Property Management, Property Sales and lettings and Estate Development.

Femab commenced operations in 1994 as an enterprise under the name Femab Global ventures. The business of the enterprise grew very quickly and very large and to accommodate its success, Femab Properties Limited (Femab) was incorporated as a Limited Liability Company in the year 2000.

To ensure its continued success as both a global and a national brand, Femab has continued to expand its operations and personnel both in Nigeria and off the shores of Nigeria.

Some Femab Business Relationships
  • Hongyang Dredging and Seaport Construction Limited
  • Oriental Femab Mining
  • Shelter First and Associate
  • SFA Logistics
  • Zibo Femab
  • Crystal blocks

With the success of these collaborations, Femab continues to seal its position not just as a Nigerian brand, but as a global company with an international reach covering Europe, United States of America, Canada and China.